La Cazadora helps you develop the right packaging for improved marketability, safe handling and enhanced customer satisfaction. As a leading plastic tube manufacturer for internationally-renowned products (such as L’Oréal Paris, Avon, Jafra, GlaxoSmithKline, Unilever and Groupe Rocher), you can count on us for the best packaging options and service. From the plastic tube manufacturing to printing and shipment of packages to the US destination of your choice, you can leave it all to us.

For more than 25 years, we have cemented our position as one of the foremost companies in the plastic tubing industry. Our unwavering commitment to quality at every step of the manufacturing and delivery process has contributed to the total satisfaction and support of our clients. Whether you are looking for cosmetic containers, plastic squeeze tubes for pharmaceuticals or food, we offer high quality results, in the shortest possible time and with record-low pricing.

What our customers value above all, however, is our attention to the smallest details. We package our tubes in micro-corrugated cardboard boxes which suit up to the tubes for optimal protection. We even customize and control logistics to meet your specific delivery requirements whether to its final destination, at the border, or at your manufacturing plant.

In order to ensure that your plastic squeezable tubing order reaches you safely and in time, we seek your cooperation in following our proven process.

0 days
For repeat orders and online requests, delivery takes 30 to 35 days.
0 days
Delivery time will be in 40 to 45 days for new product orders.

Our delivery and shipment terms:

  • Delivery will be in 40 to 45 days for new products: Once approved by the client according to the terms specified in the quotation, delivery will be made within 40 to 45 days depending on the Incoterms (Ex works/CIF).
  • For repeat orders and online requests, delivery takes 30 to 35 days: This is subject to client approval of the OC as per terms specified in the quotation, and dependent on Incoterms (Ex works/CIF).
  • The consignment must be picked up within 5 days: Material is placed in a warehouse in Laredo, TX, where the Incoterms is CIF and the customer is notified about pick-up.

From the first phone call you make to us till the time you receive your shipment, we will exceed your every expectation. Talk to us about your plastic tube manufacturing and printing requirements. No matter how unique, complex or large your order may be, we have a solution that will match your needs.