With La Cazadora as your business partner, there is no limit to the success your business will enjoy. As a reputed plastic squeezable tube manufacturer in Mexico and the United States, we offer the best product options and exceptional service. Experience the many advantages of working with a leader in the plastic tube industry.

Advantages of working with La Cazadora

Stellar service track record

La Cazadora has been manufacturing packaging tubes for over 80 years. We started out with metal tubing and then progressed into the plastic tubing industry. As leaders in both, our customers are assured of top quality packaging.

Latest technology for superior results

We have invested in world-class machines to improve the quality of our output and maintain the efficiency and repeatability of results. Tapiplastic, our sister company, is dedicated exclusively to the injection molding of plastic lids and products related to the packaging industry. It is well known for outstanding quality in the manufacturing of screws and flip-top caps to be used in plastic tubes, bottles, etc.

Well-defined quality policy for total customer satisfaction

Our quality policy and management system defines our commitment to manufacturing the best plastic squeezable tubes. When combined with our process of continual education and improvement, you are assured of the highest quality output.

ISO 9001:2008 and IOP V4 Certifications

La Cazadora employs the latest quality control systems to offer the best results. Our ISO 9001:2008 and IOP V4 Certification demonstrates our commitment to offering our customers the best options in the market. We aim for nothing less than your 100% satisfaction.

Competitive pricing to help you save more

Top quality plastic tube manufacturing and printing are available to you at reasonable rates to reduce your operational costs and make you more competitive in your market.

Short lead times to get you to the market faster

We understand that time-to-market impacts your sales and bottom line. Our short lead and turnaround times (4-5 weeks) help get your products to your customers in an efficient and time-sensitive manner.

Customized solutions for a wide range of industries

Whether it is for new products or new packaging, La Cazadora offers customized services for all types of orders. From cosmetic containers to plastic squeeze tubes for pharmaceuticals, food, household goods, etc., we have the advanced capabilities to meet your most unique needs.

International standards helping you compete in a global market

As a leading plastic tube manufacturer for leading brands like Avon, Jafra, Groupe Rocher France, L’Oreal Paris, GlaxoSmithKline and Unilever, we conform to the most stringent quality standards. This includes use of high quality resins approved by the FDA and other international agencies.

In-house design team to meet your most unique requests

We have an in-house design team to adapt their art according to customer requirements and generate the final product.

Wide service network for quick turnaround

We have representatives across the United States including in New York, California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois, New Jersey, Arizona and Canada to improve our response time even further.

Easy and quick freights to Laredo

We normally ship at least a truckload to Laredo, Texas every week. We can quote you EX-WORKS Mexico City, FOB Laredo, Texas or DDP door to door into your plant!

It is time to add your product to the best packaging solution!